work in progress: Aimee by Kim Hargreaves

sunlight and knitting

Oh, man. I am completely overwhelmed. We’re moving in a week and there are boxes almost everywhere. In the few places that aren’t full of boxes there is a mess.

A week from now I’ll likely still be living amongst boxes, but hopefully fewer and definitely in the new apartment. I’m taking surreptitious breaks from packing to watch episodes of MI-5 and turn lacy strands of kidsilk haze into Aimee, from Vintage Style – a sweater I’ve been thinking of making for 3 years or more. It is divine.

An update on the eyelet yoke sweater I wrote about last time: after drying I found the yarn to be really scratchy and the fabric too stiff for a baby’s sweater. I’ve been thinking of various ways to save it – sew some cotton velvet ribbon around the edges that would touch skin, try washing it in some kind of other, lanolin rich, wool wash. Honestly, though, I might just let it go. I’ve been getting rid of so much in the lead up to this move, I just want to get rid of everything!

Have a good week. Wish me luck!


Nearly done: Eyelet yoke baby cardigan

Eyelet yoke baby cardigan
This little sweetie got washed this morning. It was a quick knit – just a couple of week – inspired again by Alicia Paulson’s knitting.
Eyelet yoke baby cardigan
The pattern is Carole Barenys Eyelet Yoke Baby Cardigan, and the yarn is Briggs and Little (Canada’s oldest woolen mill). I’m not sure which one, actually, the bands were lost years ago. My sister brought it back for me from Newfoundland a few years ago and I finally found the right project for it.
Eyelet yoke baby cardigan
I’m not sure who the recipient is. It’s a size 0-6 months and my nieces are all older than that. I’ll just have to hope another little girl comes along to wear it.