my new dress

Pintuck dress
If I look tired and frazzled in this picture it’s because I was, but not because of the dress.  This is from another Japanese Dressbook: All Season [something i can’t read] tunic, blouse, onepiece. My lovely sister-in-law sent me a copy, along with my favorite Japanese magazine Liniere, in the summer. There’s a copy for sale on Etsy here. In the book it’s called puff sleeve onepiece (dress), but I don’t find the sleeves to be puffy at all and I wonder if I did something wrong. The shoulders are one place I could use some more room.

My favorite magazine Liniere and a new sewing book "all seasons ____ tunic, blouse, onepiece"

I suppose the more I sew the more motivated I’ll be to learn how to alter patterns and maybe one day make my own! The fabric is some linen plaid I got at the Wool House on Queen Street. I really like that place and once I’m a more confident seamstress I will invest in some of their amazing wool. In the meantime, they also have a great selection of linen. The eyelet trim is from Mokuba, but I tea-stained it.

Pintuck dress