Tova top and other projects

Tova top

We don’t really need to talk about how long it’s been since I’ve posted a finished project or the reason why, do we? No, we don’t.

In the meantime, I have been working on a few bits and pieces, like this Tova top from the Wiksten pattern. I made it in some Liberty fabric I picked up a couple of months ago in my travels.

Tova top detail

I found the placket mighty tricky, but I put it down to lack of expertise on my part rather than any lack of clarity in the pattern (which was amazing). I will probably make another of these in the fall.

Wiksten tank dress

I also made another Wiksten tank, this time in dress length, and with an elastic waist. I’ve worn this out a few times already. It’s pretty perfect for a hot summer day.

Frilled edge crossover jacket

Currently, I’m back to knitting, and I’ve got three unfinished projects on the go. This here is an older Debbie Bliss pattern for a frilled collar wrap sweater. My little niece Jane’s second birthday is coming up in a couple of months, and this is destined for her. All these unfinished projects are weighing on me a little. Time to finish them up.


winter in spring.

winter woods sampler

Winterwoods sampler, by Alicia Paulson

winter woods sampler detail

I’ve been feeling off lately. It’s like the darkness of winter has followed me into the spring. Making thousands of tiny stitches helps me break it down and get through it, though, and for that I’m thankful.

on the needles

spring sewing

wiksten tank
To hell with groundhogs, I know it’s spring when my urge to knit weakens and I bring the sewing machine out of it’s winter resting place (a tupperware bin). Pip gave me both Wiksten patterns for Christmas, and that heat wave we had was all the encouragement I needed to get going, finally.

This fabric is fantastic. If you close your eyes and feel it you’d swear it was Liberty fabric, assuming you know what Liberty fabric feels like. It was on sale at The Workroom, but I’d had my eye on it since it’s regular priced days.

spot the pocket

The pocket is nicely camouflaged, if I do say so myself, but for some reason it ended up further to the side than I think it should be. Not sure now that happened. Despite that, I found the instructions to be as fantastic as everyone says they are. Along the way, I managed to waste a load of time making stupid mistakes while distracted. I forgot how fast sewing is and how slow and annoying it is to fix mistakes. Ah well, it’s about the process!