rose lilac

Designed by Kim Hargreaves, published in Breeze
Knitted in Rowan Organic Cotton Naturally Dyed 4-ply in cherry plum
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finished sweater: rose lilac

Again, I’m so pleased with this sweater. I’m also pleased with myself for sewing the buttons on in less than 3 months!  I chose some really nondescript buttons that blend right in. I think this sweater’s got enough going on without flashy buttons.

lilac & blossom

It’s really pretty, if I do say so myself. I might even wear it!

Thanks to Pip for taking the photos.


just about done: rose lilac

I’m really happy with this one. This makes up for the major disappointment of my last project not fitting (after all that WORK!) and then some.

The peplum and shaping reminds me of another Kim Hargreaves sweater I knitted a while back – Maggie tweed (see my finished project here). Maggie is my all time favorite sweater I’ve knit for myself and the by far one I wear the most.

I still need to add buttons. I need to find something really lightweight so that if I wear it open it doesn’t look sloppy. My friend tried it on the other day over a loose, gauzy top and it looked lovely unbuttoned, but I think it’s just my lazy tendencies tempting me to do without buttons. To the button store!