Evening out


I knew this morning, by the time I’d reached work that I’d used up all my luck for the week. It was a rainy morning, and I left my umbrella at work over the weekend. No matter, it was only drizzling a bit on the walk to my bus stop. Once I got on the bus, though, it started to pour! Mentally, I planned my dash to the library and though about how soaked I would be, and how big or not big a deal it would be given the meetings in my calendar. When the bus got to my stop, however, the rain stopped!

Miraculous luck!

This kind of thing never happens to me.
I knew that sooner or later the universe Would get back at me.

On the way home from work I missed my bus. No big deal, the next one would come in 15 minutes and in the meantime maybe I could get a little walk in. On the walk up the road, heading a few stops closer to home, I was just hitting my stride when SPLASH! Some jackass in a BMW completely soaked me.

And, so, everything evens out.

Now, back to sock knitting.


Author: elena (ifihadalittlelamb)

Librarian, chronic hobbyist

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