Knits for company

Lately I’ve been housebound with an injury. I’ve been borderline immobile for over a month, having a physiotherapist visit I’m working from home but still have more time for knitting as well as more of a drive to feel productive given my limited abilities.

In the past month, I’ve finished two pairs of socks, and started a pair of Folk Mittens for my mom, a cardigan for Lucy, and another pair of socks. The ones above are knit from Fortissima Cotton Stretch Mexiko yarn to buy at Webs yarn, using the only sock pattern I ever use from Susan B. Anderson.  I really liked this yarn, especially for knitting in the summer. It’s cool in the hand and fun because of the bouncy elastic. As with other striping yarns it keeps you interested while knitting and it’s cheery. I find with wool socks that I only wear them on the coldest, dreariest days so I’m happy to have a pair of 3 or, dare I say it, 4 season socks.

So, if you ever injure yourself horribly but can still knit I recommend this yarn. It will cheer you up. I also recommend Beyoncé. And Uber Eats. But please, don’t injure yourself.



Two socks!


I did it! I finished the second sock thanks to some completely bogus “sleepy time” tea that kept me up half the night last night. But hey, it made for some quality late-night knitting time.

I’ll take some proper photos and write up all the details after I’ve given them a soak. Wow was this yarn a dream to work with. Soooooo luxurious. I just want to knit myself a unitard with it and wear nothing else ever. Okay, maybe that’s taking it a bit far but it’s seriously dreamy.

In the meantime I get to start a new project, right?

Evening out


I knew this morning, by the time I’d reached work that I’d used up all my luck for the week. It was a rainy morning, and I left my umbrella at work over the weekend. No matter, it was only drizzling a bit on the walk to my bus stop. Once I got on the bus, though, it started to pour! Mentally, I planned my dash to the library and though about how soaked I would be, and how big or not big a deal it would be given the meetings in my calendar. When the bus got to my stop, however, the rain stopped!

Miraculous luck!

This kind of thing never happens to me.
I knew that sooner or later the universe Would get back at me.

On the way home from work I missed my bus. No big deal, the next one would come in 15 minutes and in the meantime maybe I could get a little walk in. On the walk up the road, heading a few stops closer to home, I was just hitting my stride when SPLASH! Some jackass in a BMW completely soaked me.

And, so, everything evens out.

Now, back to sock knitting.

A second sock and my ever growing queue.

Hey all. I’m in the midst of some directionless knitting at the moment. I’ve got more projects on the go than I’m comfortable with, and there’s some little problem that’s keeping me from finishing most of them.

Perfect fit socks

Take these socks, for example. I got the yarn at Purl Soho while in New York last fall and knit up the first one lickety split. And then I got to the second one…. and the cuff seemed to take forever … and then Christmas was coming … and there were so many more pressing projects to finish up for that deadline. So the second sock languished until this past May when I figured it was the perfect project to take with me on a work trip out west. I packed it in my carry on and once I was all settled in the plane with my movie picked and everything I pulled it out and realized one of my needles was broken in half. Damn it! So I was knit-less the whole trip, somehow never finding the time to pick up replacement needles. When I got back, other projects wooed me away and I’ve only just this weekend sat down with a new set of needles to finish it off.

Perfect fit sock

Since I took these pictures yesterday I’ve turned the heel of the second sock, and after another few days of tedious foot knitting I’ll be done. One project down, two other troublesome ones to go. As long as I don’t get distracted by any of the new fall patterns, this should be doable.

Perfect fit sock

For curious ravelry users – currently on my needles are this sweater and this sweater. And for this fall/winter I want to make a Lopapeysa with yarn purchased on my trip to Iceland in October. This would be a hilarious knit.

I’d also really like to make a layering sweater – something bulky and long, but with shorter sleeves to wear with slim layers underneath. This one is a serious condender.

Also, my friend Sue and I are planning a crochet-along of this shawl, made bigger a-la-Alicia Paulson.

That’s about it for now. Oh shoot! And I just bought some Rowan fine tween to make a pair of Dala mitts! I might make those next, actually… Good grief, I’d better get back to knitting those socks.

See you next time!

rip-it, rip-it


This potentially beauteous braided bit of fluff is the perfect example of why knitters frog. Or at least one reason why we frog.

What’s frogging? It’s ripping out all the knitting that’s taken you hours, days, long-weekends to knit. I just learned why it’s called this today,  rip-it, rip-it. Sometimes we frog because we’ve made a mistake and need to correct it. Sometimes we frog because a project is impossible; it’s technically beyond us or the instructions are not sufficient. Other times it turns out to be hideous. And yet other times the project is fine, but just not right for the knitter or their intended recipient. This is an example of the last case.

This was supposed to be a braided headband, and I was knitting it in some Sublime mohair blend that was in my stash. I had visions of me wearing it, all fluffy like a yarn halo, walking around Toronto on crisp winter mornings. Buuuut then I realized that I was dreaming. It was ridiculous, it wouldn’t suit my hair, my winter coats, or my personality. Then I thought of people I know that it would definitely suit and kept knitting. But man oh man was it tedious! It’s knit like one long (LONG) tube, just thick enough that you can’t knit it like an i-cord. The yarn was too flimsy to keep my needles in without constant vigilance so I was always threading them back in. I love knitting for the people I love, but I don’t love anyone enough to keep knitting this headband.

So, I’m frogging it.

Buuuuuut not quite yet. So if you read this in the next few days and think a fluffy yarn halo would suit you and you want to finish what I’ve started, let me know. I’ll mail it to you.

Ravelry link.