Angora baby booties

BootiesAngora baby booties – design by Joelle Hoverson published in Last Minute Knitted Gifts
Knitted in Katia Angora 100% in colour 3 (ivory)
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I did manage to finish the knitting on Inishmaan last night but it’s currently sitting, waiting to be blocked, somewhat forgotten due to more important events that took place this week.

My gorgeous new niece Jane was born on Friday morning. She is perfect. I knit one of the above booties in various rooms in the hospital, and one I finished just now. Her feet are  little too tiny now but by the time it’s cold enough to warrant angora, she’ll be ready.




Part of the reason why I was so eager to finish Margot’s sweater was so I could get back to Inishmaan. It’s my first time knitting an Alice Starmore design and I’m glad, after my last project, that I chose one of her Aran designs rather than one of her mad colourwork designs.

I chose this pattern since it’s a relatively slim-fitting one.  I’m knitting the smallest size so that it fits closer to the body and hopefully looks a little more modern. I am knitting it out of Cascade 220 rather than Rowan Magpie (discontinued) which was a trade-off. Magpie or a more direct substitute has more heft that I think would make the cables pop more, but the extra warmth and weight would have made this sweater incredibly impractical for the life I lead. I’m not 100% happy with the texture of it, but I’m hoping that once I wash it the fabric will bloom a bit.

I got the FIshermen’s Sweaters book for Christmas, and cast on with Cascade 220 in February or March. I took a break from it for the past couple of months but in the past week I’ve gotten it almost finished. I’m hoping that it will be sewn together and ready for a wash by next weekend.

Margot debrief

Eggie's sweater

Margot’s Jumper, from The Milk Cotton Baby Collection (Rowan).
Rowan Milk Cotton DK in 110 Ardour, 108 Opaque, 103 Sepia, 93 Snow, and 94 Pastille.
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Oh, tiny masterpiece, I am so glad you are done. I enjoyed the time we had together but now it’s time for you to move on to your forever home – or at least your home for the next 3 months.

Eggie's sweater detail
Is it weird to talk to a sweater? Really?

Eggie's sweater folded
I’ve gone back to wool for my next project. Wool and cables. It’s actually one that I’ve been working on for a while on and off and I’ve got quite a bit of it done. More soon…

Really almost done now…

really almost done

Still moving slowly on Margo’s Jumper. This sweater doesn’t look much further ahead in this photo than in the one I took almost a week ago but believe me, it’s a totally different story on the inside. There were a ridiculous number of fraying ends to be sewn in. A ridiculous number. I tried to sew good intentions into the seams but I believe a few expletives made it in there as well.


I’ve done the ruffles and I have to say they’re lots of fun. Cutie cute. What I thought were running stitches in a few of the plain bands are actually buillion knots – a new to me technique that I hope to tackle tomorrow.

Despite the cuteness of this sweater, I can’t wait to be done it and getting back to my other projects.