Design by Kim Hargreaves, published in Rowan’s Vintage Style
Knitted in Kidsilk Haze in jelly (discontinued)
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Look at that gorgeous sweater. You’d think I’d be really happy to have finished it, wouldn’t you? Such bright colours! Perfect for spring, no? I finished it on Saturday morning and you’d think I would have worn it all weekend, right?


Wrong. This was a very satisfying sweater to knit, but a profoundly disappointing finished object. It just doesn’t fit. It’s ridiculously short on me, although the arms are a good length. I may keep it for a bit, to see how it looks over some of my summer dresses, but I think this dress will be passed along to a shorter owner.

Aimee closeup

It is delicious, though. So light and bright and fluffy. I may keep it just to give it a pat now and then.

Ah well, my disappointment is quickly forgotten. I’m now captivated by a new project…


I will make sure this one fits! Have a good week.