washcloths in paradise

A couple of weeks ago I was lucky enough to visit the cottage of some family friends. A place where I’ve been going since, well, before I can remember. Since before I was actually born. It is heavenly, and the company was comforting and comfortable and fun. The least I could do in return for all this was provide my hostess with a little something.


Crocheted washcloths, from The Purl Bee.
Knitted in Blue Sky Skinny Cotton in Organic Birch and Habu Textiles Natural Cover Cotton in green.
Ravelry link

This was a great little pattern. I LOVED the Habu yarn. If I didn’t have a pile of unfinished objects so large it almost reaches the moon already, I’d love to make this.  I knew washcloths would become a thing. If you’re worried that it will be all washcloths all the time over here now, rest assured I’m currently working on two sweaters, one pair of socks, and NO washcloths.