work in progress: Aimee by Kim Hargreaves

sunlight and knitting

Oh, man. I am completely overwhelmed. We’re moving in a week and there are boxes almost everywhere. In the few places that aren’t full of boxes there is a mess.

A week from now I’ll likely still be living amongst boxes, but hopefully fewer and definitely in the new apartment. I’m taking surreptitious breaks from packing to watch episodes of MI-5 and turn lacy strands of kidsilk haze into Aimee, from Vintage Style – a sweater I’ve been thinking of making for 3 years or more. It is divine.

An update on the eyelet yoke sweater I wrote about last time: after drying I found the yarn to be really scratchy and the fabric too stiff for a baby’s sweater. I’ve been thinking of various ways to save it – sew some cotton velvet ribbon around the edges that would touch skin, try washing it in some kind of other, lanolin rich, wool wash. Honestly, though, I might just let it go. I’ve been getting rid of so much in the lead up to this move, I just want to get rid of everything!

Have a good week. Wish me luck!


Author: elena (ifihadalittlelamb)

Librarian, chronic hobbyist

One thought on “work in progress: Aimee by Kim Hargreaves”

  1. I hope the move went smoothly, I have to move again in 2 months and have been organizing, sorting, packing all the time!

    Beautiful color yarn, and nice stitchin’ too! 🙂

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