Knits for company

Lately I’ve been housebound with an injury. I’ve been borderline immobile for over a month, having a physiotherapist visit I’m working from home but still have more time for knitting as well as more of a drive to feel productive given my limited abilities.

In the past month, I’ve finished two pairs of socks, and started a pair of Folk Mittens for my mom, a cardigan for Lucy, and another pair of socks. The ones above are knit from Fortissima Cotton Stretch Mexiko yarn to buy at Webs yarn, using the only sock pattern I ever use from Susan B. Anderson.  I really liked this yarn, especially for knitting in the summer. It’s cool in the hand and fun because of the bouncy elastic. As with other striping yarns it keeps you interested while knitting and it’s cheery. I find with wool socks that I only wear them on the coldest, dreariest days so I’m happy to have a pair of 3 or, dare I say it, 4 season socks.

So, if you ever injure yourself horribly but can still knit I recommend this yarn. It will cheer you up. I also recommend Beyoncé. And Uber Eats. But please, don’t injure yourself.