Tova top and other projects

Tova top

We don’t really need to talk about how long it’s been since I’ve posted a finished project or the reason why, do we? No, we don’t.

In the meantime, I have been working on a few bits and pieces, like this Tova top from the Wiksten pattern. I made it in some Liberty fabric I picked up a couple of months ago in my travels.

Tova top detail

I found the placket mighty tricky, but I put it down to lack of expertise on my part rather than any lack of clarity in the pattern (which was amazing). I will probably make another of these in the fall.

Wiksten tank dress

I also made another Wiksten tank, this time in dress length, and with an elastic waist. I’ve worn this out a few times already. It’s pretty perfect for a hot summer day.

Frilled edge crossover jacket

Currently, I’m back to knitting, and I’ve got three unfinished projects on the go. This here is an older Debbie Bliss pattern for a frilled collar wrap sweater. My little niece Jane’s second birthday is coming up in a couple of months, and this is destined for her. All these unfinished projects are weighing on me a little. Time to finish them up.


Author: elena (ifihadalittlelamb)

Librarian, chronic hobbyist

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