rip-it, rip-it


This potentially beauteous braided bit of fluff is the perfect example of why knitters frog. Or at least one reason why we frog.

What’s frogging? It’s ripping out all the knitting that’s taken you hours, days, long-weekends to knit. I just learned why it’s called this today,  rip-it, rip-it. Sometimes we frog because we’ve made a mistake and need to correct it. Sometimes we frog because a project is impossible; it’s technically beyond us or the instructions are not sufficient. Other times it turns out to be hideous. And yet other times the project is fine, but just not right for the knitter or their intended recipient. This is an example of the last case.

This was supposed to be a braided headband, and I was knitting it in some Sublime mohair blend that was in my stash. I had visions of me wearing it, all fluffy like a yarn halo, walking around Toronto on crisp winter mornings. Buuuut then I realized that I was dreaming. It was ridiculous, it wouldn’t suit my hair, my winter coats, or my personality. Then I thought of people I know that it would definitely suit and kept knitting. But man oh man was it tedious! It’s knit like one long (LONG) tube, just thick enough that you can’t knit it like an i-cord. The yarn was too flimsy to keep my needles in without constant vigilance so I was always threading them back in. I love knitting for the people I love, but I don’t love anyone enough to keep knitting this headband.

So, I’m frogging it.

Buuuuuut not quite yet. So if you read this in the next few days and think a fluffy yarn halo would suit you and you want to finish what I’ve started, let me know. I’ll mail it to you.

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Author: elena (ifihadalittlelamb)

Librarian, chronic hobbyist

2 thoughts on “rip-it, rip-it”

  1. I fully support frogging. I do it often in my own knitting and it feels so good! I generally fight it for a bit but I’ve never regretted it. I love the colour of your mohair – so soft.

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