Shadow, Designed by Olga Buraya-Kefelian. Published in Wool People Volume 1.
Knitted inaran wool in green fleck from Kerry Woolen Mills
Ravelry link

Another completed project, another one knit from my yarn stash. My new year is off to a good start, knitting-wise.  The yarn for this sweater was a gift from my dad. He brought it back from a trip to Ireland a couple of years ago. Dear all world-traveling friends and family: yarn makes a great souvenir.


Jared Flood’s Wool People, Shelter and Loft collections are on the road to supplanting Rowan or Kim Hargreaves as my go-to pattern source. Although with the amount of knitting I”m getting done lately there’s room for all three!


I have a feeling I’ll be wearing this sweater a lot. And now on to the next project!


Author: elena (ifihadalittlelamb)

Librarian, chronic hobbyist

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