fiddlehead pullover

Fiddlehead Pullover
Design by Courtney Kelley, available from Kelbourne Woolens, c/o the Purl Bee
Knitted in Auracania Ranco in #102 (lime)
Ravelry link

I was about to post this when what popped up in my reader? Another sweater in the same pattern by Laura of the newedist. Too funny.The leather buttons Laura used are amazing, and the yarn looks super sumptuous.

This little guy knit up nicely, although I’ll be happy to escape fine gauges for a little bit now that it’s done. I mightn’t have knit it had I noticed that there is crochet around the neck edge. I am so intimidated by crochet. The pattern was well written, but due to my crochetphobia I would have liked a little more direction when it came to that, and to making the button loops but for someone more confident that wouldn’t be an issue. Also, I don’t think crochet works well with a variegated yarn but I’ll get over it.

Like I said in my last post, I’m really happy with what happens to this yarn upon washing. The fabric feels strong and firm but still soft enough and with a nice shine and drape.

The sweater is for a little boy, but I snuck in a pinkish-redish heart button along with the green ones that more or less blend in.


I’ve really been enjoying Alicia’s work lately on Posie Gets Cozy. Her sewing and knitting and crochet are worked up so beautifully and her posts (and Andy’s) are full of such a lovely hopeful spirit. Some of the sweaters she’s finished lately have been just so great!

See you next time, friends.



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Librarian, chronic hobbyist

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