string theory

In the wash
Every so often I think about why I knit. Why has it kept me interested for the past 16 years or so?

There are so many good things about knitting for me. It keeps my hands busy while I’m watching movies or television (or even reading!) so I don’t snack or get otherwise distracted. I’m able to make things that I like in whatever fibre or colour I want. I can make gifts for people that are very personal.

Lately, though, I’ve been musing on the transformative quality of knitting. You start with string, and in the case of a sweater you turn that string into a fabric, which becomes a piece of something, which becomes a whole. Something relatively abstract becomes something concrete. A recognizable and practical garment that is, one would hope, comfortable, warm, and possibly even beautiful.

How often in life does that happen? I spend my days at work doing things that you can’t really see. I love my work and it’s satisfying, but still somewhat frustrating to toil all day and have nothing to actually show for it unless you count the monthly paycheck (which is a delight).

Knitting has become necessary for me. If I’m away from my knitting for too many days I get edgy. It’s certainly not the only thing in my life that has this sort of effect in its absence, my husband and exercise are also essentials, but it’s in a small club of things I don’t think I could live entirely happily without.


Author: elena (ifihadalittlelamb)

Librarian, chronic hobbyist

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