some niece sweaters

Every so often I give up coffee – whether because it sometimes makes me jittery or makes my complexion less lovely than it could or something else along those lines. I gave up coffee again this morning and by this evening I felt absolutely awful. Still, I’d like to share a few things with you but forgive me if I use as few words as possible.

While I was in Tokyo I finished a sweater for one niece and started a sweater for another. They are both from Kristen Rengren’s Vintage Baby Knits.  They are: The Betty Lou Lace Cardigan (great name) and the Jasper Diamond Hoodie (minus the hood, obviously).

I still need to sew buttons on the Jasper Diamond Hoodie but they’re both pretty much done and ready to be dispatched to their tiny owners. My next project is Aimee from Vintage Style. Kidsilk Haze is just the dreamiest yarn.

Until next time, wish me luck with the withdrawal!


Author: elena (ifihadalittlelamb)

Librarian, chronic hobbyist

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