Part of the reason why I was so eager to finish Margot’s sweater was so I could get back to Inishmaan. It’s my first time knitting an Alice Starmore design and I’m glad, after my last project, that I chose one of her Aran designs rather than one of her mad colourwork designs.

I chose this pattern since it’s a relatively slim-fitting one.  I’m knitting the smallest size so that it fits closer to the body and hopefully looks a little more modern. I am knitting it out of Cascade 220 rather than Rowan Magpie (discontinued) which was a trade-off. Magpie or a more direct substitute has more heft that I think would make the cables pop more, but the extra warmth and weight would have made this sweater incredibly impractical for the life I lead. I’m not 100% happy with the texture of it, but I’m hoping that once I wash it the fabric will bloom a bit.

I got the FIshermen’s Sweaters book for Christmas, and cast on with Cascade 220 in February or March. I took a break from it for the past couple of months but in the past week I’ve gotten it almost finished. I’m hoping that it will be sewn together and ready for a wash by next weekend.


Author: elena (ifihadalittlelamb)

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4 thoughts on “Inishmaan”

  1. Hi, I’m hoping you can help me since you worked on Inishmaan. I am done with Row 23 of front, but can’t go on because I don’t understand her instructions for Row 24! I think I have M1 right, but when she talks about “rib 1” 2 ribs, etc. I am lost. It’s not covered in knit info or anywhere else in the book that I can find. Can you help?

    1. Hi Sheila. Ah – the increase row? I’m pretty sure what it means when she says rib # is to work the # of stitches stated so you follow the rib pattern set in the previous rows. So for the small size there are 8 stitches before the first chart A repeat, then 2 sts, then chart A, and so on and this fits with the instructions for the increase row.
      Hope this helps!

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