Really almost done now…

really almost done

Still moving slowly on Margo’s Jumper. This sweater doesn’t look much further ahead in this photo than in the one I took almost a week ago but believe me, it’s a totally different story on the inside. There were a ridiculous number of fraying ends to be sewn in. A ridiculous number. I tried to sew good intentions into the seams but I believe a few expletives made it in there as well.


I’ve done the ruffles and I have to say they’re lots of fun. Cutie cute. What I thought were running stitches in a few of the plain bands are actually buillion knots – a new to me technique that I hope to tackle tomorrow.

Despite the cuteness of this sweater, I can’t wait to be done it and getting back to my other projects.



Author: elena (ifihadalittlelamb)

Librarian, chronic hobbyist

One thought on “Really almost done now…”

  1. So cuuuute!! And don’t worry about the expletives. You can be the cool aunt that teaches her how to swear!

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