Really almost done now…

really almost done

Still moving slowly on Margo’s Jumper. This sweater doesn’t look much further ahead in this photo than in the one I took almost a week ago but believe me, it’s a totally different story on the inside. There were a ridiculous number of fraying ends to be sewn in. A ridiculous number. I tried to sew good intentions into the seams but I believe a few expletives made it in there as well.


I’ve done the ruffles and I have to say they’re lots of fun. Cutie cute. What I thought were running stitches in a few of the plain bands are actually buillion knots – a new to me technique that I hope to tackle tomorrow.

Despite the cuteness of this sweater, I can’t wait to be done it and getting back to my other projects.



Author: elena (ifihadalittlelamb)

Librarian, chronic hobbyist

1 thought on “Really almost done now…”

  1. So cuuuute!! And don’t worry about the expletives. You can be the cool aunt that teaches her how to swear!

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